FedEE Persolicy Service: Initial Fixed Price Review

Please complete the following information and submit it, together with the document for review. The document format could be jpg, png, pdf or docx.

This service shall be for a fixed fee: €195 (Members), €249 (NonMembers). No VAT applicable.

Please only submit texts in English of up to 3,500 words. All information will be processed and handled in the strictest confidence. You should allow two working days to undertake this work. Users of this service are only permitted to submit one document using our flat-rate Trial review and updating service and to use this introductory offer once. The service may not be used by law firms or FedEE Fellows. All legal services are subject to FedEE’s Membership Terms and Conditions.

We should like FedEE’s Legal Team to undertake a full review of below attached HR Policy document.