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5: Global Sized Company (Companies with 25,001+ Employees)

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Welcome to FedEE Corporate Membership

This is the online payment portal for The Federation of International Employer’s “Global” grade of membership (Companies with 25,001+ Employees).

Annual Corporate Membership of the Federation of International Employers (FedEE®) will give you immediate access to an unrivalled wealth of information, support and guidance specifically designed to reduce the risks and costs of operating as an employer on an international basis.

The small print

Our members are principally supported from our UK Office in central London and Administrative Centre in Nicosia, Cyprus. We also have a presence in Australia (in progress), Hong Kong and Boston, USA. Our primary language is English, but an increasing amount of data is being made available in Mandarin and we plan to cover more languages over time.

Membership is open to multinational enterprises — or those planning to go multinational — that have 150+ employees and have traded for at least two years (see ‘qualifying companies’ below). An application must originate from a named senior executive of the organization concerned, using a bone fide corporate internet domain. Requests for membership from recently launched, smaller and purely national employers will be considered on a case by case basis.

As a FedEE® Global Global member access will be given to your team located in all parts of your enterprise, including majority-owned subsidiary enterprises. Each user will be nominated by a principal HR or corporate counsel contact in the member company and have their own passwords to access FedEE® Global services.

Your organization will also be able to display our membership logo on your company documentation, our membership plaque in your reception area and, on request, the FedEE® flag on company flagpoles – thus signifying your company’s standing as an established multinational operating to high HR professional standards.

Once in membership we shall be in contact  to welcome you and seek the details of any further users you may wish to nominate. “Global” grade users are entitled to a maximum of 25 users throughout their majority-owned operations, anywhere in the world. 

FedEE® data is for internal use as an HR resource and not for providing services to third parties on either a commercial or noncommercial basis. If it is required for such purposes then potential users should contact us to discuss a special licencing arrangement.

Paying online will ensure rapid access to our services. Payments are handled by the ‘Secure Trading’ payment platform in London. No details are retained of payment cards, so there is no problem about ongoing deductions if you do not wish to renew at the end of your initial membership period.

A receipted invoice will be issued for all online payments on the same or next working day after payment takes place.

Billing is handled through our International Payment Centre operated by FedEE® Corporate Services Limited in Cyprus. This means that VAT is only chargeable to companies based in Cyprus. Thus the majority of applicants will not be charged VAT. If you are based in the EEA please inform us about your VAT/TVA registration number.

Membership Criteria

Qualifying enterprises include private sector companies, professional firms and public sector bodies (such as trade commissions, diplomatic missions and armed services) or voluntary sector bodies which operate internationally.

Membership is not open to trade unions, NGOs, political organisations, recruitment or HR consultants, HR outsourcing companies and other employer or business representative bodies. 

Membership is subject to approval by our Membership Review Group – which meets each weekday. The membership fee includes complete access to all FedEE® Global services set out under the membership categories table – except for certain meetings/events/courses/electronic books.

Inclusive Legal Helpline

Corporate members in the “Global” grade may make 15 enquiries on our legal helpline during their annual subscription period at no extra charge. You will also have access to our comprehensive ‘knowledgebase’ containing employment law data for over 70 countries. We update this daily and are adding new countries to this list on a regular basis. Bundles of six extra helpline enquiries can be purchased online for €660 euros and provide excellent value for money.  

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